Fostek Oy imports to Finland high quality technical products and services, also exports to Baltic.

Our product program includes surface treatment technics and special products for railways.


Waterless, fast, organic pre-treatment. No waste water created and suitable for all metals. The surface will be "Phosphated" and creates a good adhesion for all kind of paints. Creates an excellent corrosion resistance.

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Washing chemicals

TORAN 3A PAIKOR is used by dipping process and dryes in room temperature. Only one chemical tank is needed. Non-toxic chemical. TORAN 3 ECOPHOR is used by spraying and shall be dryed in oven. Non-toxic chemical.

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For TORAN 3A dipping tank, pump, filter and suction ventilation is needed. For TORAN 3 spraying equipment and drying in oven is needed.

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High pressure wash

For pre-treatment of large work pieces is PHOSTRI SR HP suitable. This chemical is water based, phosphates and creates corrosion protection. Shall be sprayed by high pressure equipment. Closed circulation, separate rinsing is not necesessary.

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